#BlueLivesMatter’s ‘White Genocide’ Memes Traced to Alt-Right Media Network

Following #BlueLivesMatter on any given day will reveal endless racist and misogynistic comments thinly veiled behind a blue wall of “respect.” Yet, a few memes in particular have stood out in the past few months.

“White Genocide” memes have been prolifically aggregated through #BlueLivesMatter for three months now. These memes espouse white nationalist coded phrases claiming diversity means destruction of the white race. These meme pages consistently post in pro-cop networks, Alt-Right Twitter and overwhelmingly displays support of Donald Trump.

Twitter bots TWG (@trumpWG) and TEAM LIFT (@teamliftworking) aggregated the following:

These accounts are linked to overtly white supremacist websites. For example, TWG (stands for ‘trump white genocide’) is linked to whitegenocide.info, an Alt-Right organizational platform that espouses a white power eugenics ideology.

White Genocide website.png

Under it’s network tabs, it links to an exhaustive list of Alt-Right organizations ranging from far-right newsblogs to white power groups, and even some occult Neo-Pagan websites.

Pro White media network.png

The range of reactionary tendencies represented shows the diversity of the Alt-Right coalition during this current era of Donald Trump. The Traditionalist Youth Network serves as a white nationalist recruiting program targeted at teenagers and young adults. Their mission is to:

“…provide resources and support to independent groups of high school and college students throughout North America who are learning about the Traditionalist School of thought, helping one another apply the principles and spirit of Tradition in their lives, and organizing in defense of Tradition on their campuses and in their communities. While members and supporters are encouraged to embrace a particular Tribe and Tradition, the TYN empowers them to unite and speak as one voice against the united voices of decadence, individualism, Marxism, and Modernity.”

The TYN boasts that they are not conservatives, eschewing corporate greed and material consumerism, yet embracing white supremacy through coded redefinitions of “diversity” and “inclusion.” They claim to accept “homosexuals, minorities, and atheists,” as long as people with these identities share a common brotherhood in Traditionalist values. It’s clear the TYN is trying to build a Trump Youth brigade, attempting to mirror Hitler’s youth organization from the 1930s, but updated for a 21st century Alt-Right audience.

Christogenea advocates research, development and expansion of the “Christian Identity.” Through an odd assortment of essays, articles, and Bible passages, the group seems rooted in building an “ethnic Christian” identity. Their ideology is steeped in eugenics-centered Creationism, ethnic tribalism, and antisemitism. Christogenea’s welcome page boasts of divine right white supremacy:

A shining city on a hill cannot be hid. A lamp when lit is not placed under a couch. There is indeed a God of all creation. And there is indeed a race anointed by that God. Here it is identified. Whenever that race allows itself to amalgamate with others, it falls into permanent decay. Understanding this is one of the keys to all history, and it is the understanding of the rise and fall of all great cultures. You can go away mad, even spouting profanities, or you can face the reality, and consider the implications while investigating the assertions being made.

This is just one of many Alt-Right religious groups on the network. The proliferation in Neo-Pagan white nationalism seems to suggest a fledgling movement that’s trying to mirror the identity politics of the Left for eugenic-based justifications of white supremacy.

The Right Stuff looks like your average rightwing newsite, but it too publishes overtly white supremacist content. In an article titled, “What Will Become of the Empire? Visions of Late Modernity in United States,” the author describes the future result of mass immigration and diversity leading to the creation of distinct ethno-regions. The author suggests the “white identity” will need to expand to include light-skinned elements of other races as one method to prevent this so-called “white genocide.”

The Right Stuff racism.png

The surprising aspect about this network is not the obviousness of it’s white nationalism but how prolific and current the content that’s published. Alt-Right bloggers produce at least 3 or 4 posts a day. Websites with just three writers can produce about 20 posts per per day, all aggregated through Twitter. A noteworthy inclusion to this list, is the infamous White Lives Matter, a front group for white supremacists and Neo-Nazis recently declared a hate group by the SPLC. Yet, Blue Lives Matter remains to elude the progressive watchdog, but this social media connection shows the two groups overlap somewhat.

Such information is usually limited to Alt-Right hashtags, but these bots have slipped white nationalist ideology into #BlueLivesMatter without any of it’s supporters noticing or really caring. The bots produce hundreds of tweets per day, though some have gained traction from Likes and Retweets on #BlueLivesMatter. This means, like we’ve been reporting since our organization formed, Blue Lives Matter has created a safe space for hate on the internet. It’s never been more clear that police supporters tend to be some of the most vitriolic racists in the so-called United States. But this blatant allowance of open Neo-Nazis to aggregate through their channels demonstrates a new level of white supremacist ideology on the part of the cops.

Antifascist allies and comrades should research these accounts, the Pro-White media network that runs them and address these threats accordingly.

Alt-Right “White Genocide” Network:


#BlueLivesMatter Explodes in Racism Over Tyre King Shooting

Thursday, the #BlueLivesMatter hashtag erupted in rage after Twitter responded to the police shooting of 13-year-old Tyre King in Columbus, Ohio. King was shot by Columbus police after they attempted to stop him for questioning in an unrelated robbery mistaking his BB gun for a weapon. The person who reported the robbery was unharmed and had a mere $10, which their alleged assailant did not take.

While #TyreeKing [sic] trended within Black Lives Matter circles, #BlueLivesMatter attempted to hijack the hashtag claiming King’s death was justified. What followed was a string of racist tweets invoking criminal stereotypes of black people:

tyree pic 2.pngPeople kept pushing the robbery line as if this were justification for his death.

#BlueLivesMatter was saturated with constant shaming of Tyre King, outpacing more reasonable narratives.


Some glorified the teen’s death, thanking the Columbus Police department for killing him and further labeling him a criminal.

Much of the anger coming from #BlueLivesMatter lies in the assumption that the police have no other options when faced with the perceived threat of violence. As this Twitter user points out, white people with guns have often been disarmed by police without violence.

The most sinister aspect of this reaction against Tyre King was the speed in which participants in the hashtag stereotyped, criminalized and shamed this teenager. All defended, even celebrated, King’s murder for the alleged crime of trying to steal $10. Even if King was party to the crime, this does not justify his summary execution.


The blind rage generated by #BlueLivesMatter reveals a much deeper seated hatred of black life. To automatically assume a black teenager committed a crime and further push the narrative that this black teenager is a “thug” and “gangbanger,” is to declare that black teenager socially dead. They’re no longer seen as human, just animals to be herded, caged and shot. This is how the police and their supporters view black people. The comments thanking the police for cleaning up Columbus reflect the genocidal mentality these Blue Lives Matter supporters feel toward the black community.

The sheer amount of racist hate and blatant celebrations of violence against people of color expressed shows that #BlueLivesMatter is rooted in white supremacy. The organizations that aggregate content through this hashtag are just as culpable in generating that atmosphere. Police news sites that publish racist critiques of anti-police protestors or work as PR machines to whitewash cops’ violent behavior feed the white rage that defines their audience. These websites amplify reactionary voices that would otherwise be lost in the void of the Internet. Because of this, #BlueLivesMatter has become a safe space for hate, and that safety must be shattered.

Victim Blaming and Violence Shaming

Ohio Police Chief Scott Hughes penned an article for Calibre Press, aggregated through Blue Lives Matter, titled Milwaukee – Truth About Violence bashing Black Lives Matter for supporting violence against police officers and shaming black Milwaukee residents for their reaction to years of oppression.

Hughes frames the #MilwaukeeUprising as a conspiracy between protesters, the media, and politicians to encourage violence and resistance against police. He asks the question:

What does burning down a gas station and looting convenience stores have to do with an apparent justified shooting of a known felon who is armed with a gun? 

From Ferguson in 2014 to Baltimore in 2015, the question has been used to discredit the rational resistance to state oppression expressed by exploited black and brown communities. Without the riots, the City of Baltimore would not have expediated the trials of the six officers involved in Freddy Gray’s death.

A man who claims to be the brother of Milwaukee shooting victim Syville Smith told local media that black residents don’t see the city as their community. The looting and burning of banks and bourgeois symbols of gentrification are both attacks on white supremacist infrastructure as well as methods for the black community to expropriate the wealth that has been stolen from them through racist for-profit police practices.

Milwaukee is the worst place to be black in the United States. The level of segregation, exploitation, and humiliation by the Milwaukee PD and white community left black residents with no option but to rise up.

Scott Hughes continues his defamation by accusing Black Lives Matter activists for always crying foul even when evidence suggests that certain black men shot by police were armed. In an ominous statement he warns black people:

If you have a weapon and run from the police you dramatically increase your chances of forcing the officer to use force. The odds are increased even more if you turn toward the officer.

Ohio is an open-carry state meaning that even if Syville Smith’s weapon was illegal, officers should not have assumed that he was committing a crime. Smith was targeted because he was black. Furthermore, black and brown people have a right to self-defense against racist violence of all forms. Just as white Americans are allowed to own guns, black Americans also should be able to own these weapons without the racist double standard.

Hughes then goes on to invoke MLK to make a cynical observation about violence:

Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that.” True and beautiful words. But out on the street, an officer deals with not just hate. We deal with violence, and the only way to overcome violence is superior violence. It’s an ugly truth that most cops know first hand but most in the public, understandably, like to avoid. Violence comes quick and nasty.

Hughes’ statement shows the general underlying mentality of policing. Police view their interactions with communities through an Us vs Them lens. They feel that they are unfairly targeted and assaulted by communities sympathetic to gangs and criminal activity. In reality, their war to clean up the streets translates to a war to inflict violence on black bodies. Hughes’ superior violence solution to deal with imagined violence against officers ignores the power disparity between police and black communities. It doesn’t matter if a few cops are assaulted, they will always have more bodies, more equipment, more advanced firepower and surveillance technologies. Any violence that blows back at the police will never be on par with the level of violence the police inflict on black communities.

Scott Hughes offers tactical trainings for law enforcement specializing in street survival, combat tactics in traffic, and an advanced patrol course called The Warrior’s Edge. It’s clear from his professional background that Hughes represents the worst aspects of American police militarization. The willingness in which he accepts these assumptions reveals his racist police superiority complex. Hughes is further equipping police departments across the country with tactics of war based on gross mischaracterizations of entire communities.

If the police are responding to recent unrest with increased military tactics, then black and brown people should keep flexing their Second Amendment rights.