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You want to kill cops!?

No, we do not advocate the murder of police officers. At the same time, we don’t condemn violence against the state. We understand the trauma and oppression that comes with living under the boot and we don’t seek to minimize the experiences of those affected by criticizing their reactions. Our work focuses on Blue Lives Matter, the pro-police lobbying network and associated fascist organizations. We seek to abolish the culture of policing and disrupt any racist hate groups that attempt to organize with the police.

How is Blue Lives Matter a “racist hate group?”

Blue Lives Matter has developed a significant online presence since 2014. Following the hashtag reveals a string of xenophobic, Islamophobic, and racist memes aggregated through a loose association of people who claim to “unapologetically support the police.”

The main Blue Lives Matter website hosts a variety of authors and blogs with similar pro-police and white supremacist views. The site serves as both a news aggregate and organizational platform. Their news section posts articles claiming entire black communities consist of “thugs” and “criminals,” belittles and demeans women and queer protesters, and champions the supremacy of the law above all societal concerns. Their organizational section contains use-of-force training videos and even legal justifications for cops to unlawfully kidnapped people.

Blue Lives Matter rallies are known to attract, not just current and former law enforcement, but also biker gangs, white nationalist parties, and Alt-Right adherents. The movement is a huge supporter of reactionary leader Donald Trump.

What does “No Blue Lives” mean?

“Blue Lives” are not tangible organic beings. “Blue” is not a group of people nor a living species of any sort. Policing is an occupation, a role filled by living people with mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends. Like any job under capitalism, it’s done in the service of exploiting or oppressing others. But unlike most jobs, policing has a very specific role in protecting property and privilege.

Our anger is not directed toward the individual who wears the uniform but we understand the racist oppressive system they uphold as soon as they put that uniform on. People have a choice to walk away. Many former officers already have but they’re a fraction of a fraction of the total police apparatus in the United States. We seek to abolish all forms of policing including private factions and the internalized policing mentality in ourselves. As long as people practice a culture of policing, they will ultimately be on the side of the oppressor.

But resistance is a crime!

The Blue Lives Matter laws give untold punitive ability to prosecutors and judges for minor acts of resistance such as de-arresting someone or throwing a bottle. In June 2016, Black Lives Matter activist Jasmine Richards was convicted of “attempted lynching” for the de-arrest of a black woman during a Black Lives Matter action. These laws make it clear that increased protection for police officers is not the concern. Rather, these laws criminalize smalls acts of self-defense further enveloping more deviant behavior under the umbrella of Broken Windows infractions.

Resistance is an act of survival when faced with imminent violence, especially in the context of an arrest. In fact, resisting arrest is perfectly legal.

What’s the difference between #BlueLivesMurder and #BlackLivesMatter?

The #BlueLivesMurder coalition can be seen as an explicitly antifascist extension of Black Lives Matter. For the past two years, the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag has become saturated with liberals and racist trolls. The movement itself has grown into a diverse association of organizations with often competing goals. The Movement for Black Lives sought to change this by bringing the movement back to it’s radical roots merging insurrectionary tactics with a transformative policy platform.

We say #BlueLivesMurder to re-affirm the necessity  of abolishing the police. We very much are apart of the larger movement for Black Lives but feel we must focus on why policing is a racist violent institution that must be dismantled. Whereas Black Lives Matter necessarily promotes positive affirmations of slain victims for community empowerment, #BlueLivesMurder focuses on the murderers, racists, and sociopaths who took these lives from us. Essentially, #BlueLivesMurder is the sword that will ensure that #BlackLivesMatter

How do you monitor and disrupt Blue Lives Matter?

Blue Lives Matter has a heavy social media presence. We monitor the main accounts, including the notorious website, as well as police news, precincts, renowned police chiefs, and Trump movement celebrities. We are connected through a network of Black Lives Matter groups, Occupy veterans, Anonymous cells,¬† and other anti-police organizations. Together we expose collaboration between the police and traditional rightwing hate groups, such as the Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazis, and militia groups. Given that Blue Lives Matter is a major endorser of Donald Trump we also target the newer Alt-Right movement including Men’s Rights organizations, far-right Tea Party groups, reactionary politicians and adherents of the Silicon Ideology. Together, Blue Lives Matter can muster an effective political force to push through their legislation.

Whenever Blue Lives Matter or any of the aforementioned groups organize rallies and actions against the interests of Black Life or to further increase the power of an already authoritarian law enforcement, we mobilize to shut these actions down. Whenever a politician endorses legislation that advocates such power, we will protest at their office. Whenever off-duty cops hang out with racist biker friends after work, we’ll be there to expose it.


How do I contribute/get involved/learn more?

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