Morton County Sheriff’s Department Revealed as Blue Lives Matter Faction

After last week’s military assault on Water Protectors in Standing Rock that left over 300 people critically injured including the severe maiming of New York comrade & Hoods4Justice-associated Water Protector Sophia Wilansky, and the partial blinding of Water Protector Vanessa (Sioux Z), the Morton County Sheriff’s Department attempted to smear the Water Protectors’ characters by posting an image of a supposed improvised explosive device on their Facebook page. After getting overwhelmed by Standing Rock supporters, Morton County deleted their page and created a new one.

Blue Lives Matter Morton Thanksgiving.png
The new Facebook page featured the classic Thin Blue Line American flag, the staple symbol of Blue Lives Matter, as a profile picture. The page quickly gained over a thousand followers before it was again swarmed by comrades online. The Morton County Sheriff’s Department closed this page, but not before Standing Rock supporters were able to research it’s contents.

Morton County supporters praised officers for brutally suppressing Water Protectors during the November 21st attack. Others posted comments with explicit white nationalist and Alt-Right views. It’s clear that the Morton County Sheriff’s Department has publicly come out as a faction of Blue Lives Matter.

Blue Lives Matter is the counter-movement to Black Lives Matter, a network of Neo-nazis, white supremacists, pro-white militia gangs, and cop supporters, many of which are former and current law enforcement. When a police department endorses Blue Lives Matter this signifies that they have aligned their interests with Donald Trump and the Alt-Right. This revelation will also empower the already hostile local white community that has already been responsible for autonomous rightwing violence against Water Protectors.

Eyewitness testimony from the night of the attack said that Sophia was specifically attacked by SWAT forces, a witness hearing the cops laugh and congratulate themselves on a “beautiful shot.” The Morton County Sheriff’s Department and their mercenaries have already harmed hundreds of Water Protectors since August, displaying a complete disregard for human life.

On December 5th, 2016 the Army Corp of Engineers will close public access to Oceti Sakowin, effectively quarantining Standing Rock off from outside support.



The level of violence exhibited by the Morton County Sheriff’s Department against Water Protectors fighting for land, life, and sovereignty shows that this particular faction of the national police apparatus is committed to the all out destruction of Oceti Sakowin and the Standing Rock community. Comrades, supporters and allies all across Turtle Island must come together and defend Standing Rock from the oncoming repression this December.

#BlueLivesMatter’s ‘White Genocide’ Memes Traced to Alt-Right Media Network

Following #BlueLivesMatter on any given day will reveal endless racist and misogynistic comments thinly veiled behind a blue wall of “respect.” Yet, a few memes in particular have stood out in the past few months.

“White Genocide” memes have been prolifically aggregated through #BlueLivesMatter for three months now. These memes espouse white nationalist coded phrases claiming diversity means destruction of the white race. These meme pages consistently post in pro-cop networks, Alt-Right Twitter and overwhelmingly displays support of Donald Trump.

Twitter bots TWG (@trumpWG) and TEAM LIFT (@teamliftworking) aggregated the following:

These accounts are linked to overtly white supremacist websites. For example, TWG (stands for ‘trump white genocide’) is linked to, an Alt-Right organizational platform that espouses a white power eugenics ideology.

White Genocide website.png

Under it’s network tabs, it links to an exhaustive list of Alt-Right organizations ranging from far-right newsblogs to white power groups, and even some occult Neo-Pagan websites.

Pro White media network.png

The range of reactionary tendencies represented shows the diversity of the Alt-Right coalition during this current era of Donald Trump. The Traditionalist Youth Network serves as a white nationalist recruiting program targeted at teenagers and young adults. Their mission is to:

“…provide resources and support to independent groups of high school and college students throughout North America who are learning about the Traditionalist School of thought, helping one another apply the principles and spirit of Tradition in their lives, and organizing in defense of Tradition on their campuses and in their communities. While members and supporters are encouraged to embrace a particular Tribe and Tradition, the TYN empowers them to unite and speak as one voice against the united voices of decadence, individualism, Marxism, and Modernity.”

The TYN boasts that they are not conservatives, eschewing corporate greed and material consumerism, yet embracing white supremacy through coded redefinitions of “diversity” and “inclusion.” They claim to accept “homosexuals, minorities, and atheists,” as long as people with these identities share a common brotherhood in Traditionalist values. It’s clear the TYN is trying to build a Trump Youth brigade, attempting to mirror Hitler’s youth organization from the 1930s, but updated for a 21st century Alt-Right audience.

Christogenea advocates research, development and expansion of the “Christian Identity.” Through an odd assortment of essays, articles, and Bible passages, the group seems rooted in building an “ethnic Christian” identity. Their ideology is steeped in eugenics-centered Creationism, ethnic tribalism, and antisemitism. Christogenea’s welcome page boasts of divine right white supremacy:

A shining city on a hill cannot be hid. A lamp when lit is not placed under a couch. There is indeed a God of all creation. And there is indeed a race anointed by that God. Here it is identified. Whenever that race allows itself to amalgamate with others, it falls into permanent decay. Understanding this is one of the keys to all history, and it is the understanding of the rise and fall of all great cultures. You can go away mad, even spouting profanities, or you can face the reality, and consider the implications while investigating the assertions being made.

This is just one of many Alt-Right religious groups on the network. The proliferation in Neo-Pagan white nationalism seems to suggest a fledgling movement that’s trying to mirror the identity politics of the Left for eugenic-based justifications of white supremacy.

The Right Stuff looks like your average rightwing newsite, but it too publishes overtly white supremacist content. In an article titled, “What Will Become of the Empire? Visions of Late Modernity in United States,” the author describes the future result of mass immigration and diversity leading to the creation of distinct ethno-regions. The author suggests the “white identity” will need to expand to include light-skinned elements of other races as one method to prevent this so-called “white genocide.”

The Right Stuff racism.png

The surprising aspect about this network is not the obviousness of it’s white nationalism but how prolific and current the content that’s published. Alt-Right bloggers produce at least 3 or 4 posts a day. Websites with just three writers can produce about 20 posts per per day, all aggregated through Twitter. A noteworthy inclusion to this list, is the infamous White Lives Matter, a front group for white supremacists and Neo-Nazis recently declared a hate group by the SPLC. Yet, Blue Lives Matter remains to elude the progressive watchdog, but this social media connection shows the two groups overlap somewhat.

Such information is usually limited to Alt-Right hashtags, but these bots have slipped white nationalist ideology into #BlueLivesMatter without any of it’s supporters noticing or really caring. The bots produce hundreds of tweets per day, though some have gained traction from Likes and Retweets on #BlueLivesMatter. This means, like we’ve been reporting since our organization formed, Blue Lives Matter has created a safe space for hate on the internet. It’s never been more clear that police supporters tend to be some of the most vitriolic racists in the so-called United States. But this blatant allowance of open Neo-Nazis to aggregate through their channels demonstrates a new level of white supremacist ideology on the part of the cops.

Antifascist allies and comrades should research these accounts, the Pro-White media network that runs them and address these threats accordingly.

Alt-Right “White Genocide” Network:

Resistance is Not a Hate Crime

“Citizens may resist unlawful arrest to the point of taking an arresting officer’s life if necessary.” Plummer v. State, 136 Ind. 306. Upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States in the case: John Bad Elk v. U.S., 177 U.S. 529.


This past week was rife with outrage toward the multiple police killings of black people across the United States. The speed in which these state-sanctioned murders come to light has fueled an already radicalized and embattled Black Lives Matter movement. It’s pretty clear in recent days that agitation against the police is reaching a tipping point.

The most intense displays of this protest came out of Charlotte, North Carolina after the police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott for reading a book while black. In the minutes after the shooting, Scott’s daughter, Lyric livestreamed the scene on Facebook. People watched in real time as she reacted to the news of her father’s death, drawing droves of people from their screens and into the streets.

Mass demos turned into full scale riots as the protest escalated further into the night. One livestreamer Mills Shaka Zulu Gill aka King Mills, broadcast most of the action that night.


Mills filmed everything from bonfires to lootings giving commentary and pepping the crowd the whole time. At one point on the highway, angry truckers are heard firing off warning shots. Mills stream peaked at over a million views just after midnight.

During the second night of protests, a protester was shot and killed by the Charlotte Police Department. Mainstream media outlets reported that a black man shot the protester but multiple witnesses claim the cops fired tear gas and rubber bullets into the crowd. One of these less-than-lethal rounds struck the protester leaving them in a pool of their own blood. The contrast between CNN and Facebook was stark. Those watching livestreams spread news that it was the cops, while cable television repeated the Charlotte PDs press statement.


Since the murder of Philando Castile, Facebook Live has become a go-to tool for comrades to report on material violence in real time. We can criticize Mills for showing comrades committing acts that could invite repression but we can’t let poor security culture overshadow the service he provided. People around the world who don’t have a clear understanding of insurrectionary situations were able to see potentially inspiring acts of resistance.

Mills continues to liveblog everything that has happened to him at this point. Mills is right, we shouldn’t be apologetic anymore. People are tired of repeating the same old platitudes going through the same motions to get the same empty results. The age of respectability politics is over. We should not hide our politics and must be honest with our convictions.

The events in Charlotte show the brutal reality in regards to the level of repression the state brings to bare against communities of color rising up for their liberation. As tensions escalate further we will need to closely support each other to get out of this alive.


Technology may yet provide us with the tools to build these communities but we will need to wrestle control away from Silicon Valley. As these escalations continue, comrades can learn to amplify voices of struggle while still maintaining a respect for security culture.  We will also stand in the face of a growing fascist movement, one that seeks to organize with the police. This worrying trend has become a primary concern for us.

Blue Lives Murder

The police news website Blue Lives Matter and the network of pro-cop fascists spared no time shaming, attacking, and discrediting the Charlotte Rebellion. These pigs labelled everyone who rose up in Charlotte as “violent criminals.” They insisted Keith Lamont Scott was armed, they repeated the cops lie about black-on-black protest violence, they focused on stories of white people and journalists allegedly being assaulted. All of this is done to completely reject the protester’s concerns and invalidate their right to resist.

Many of us are exhausted with this battle. Two years after Mike Brown’s death, and the police have only become more violent, more entrenched, and more dismissive of even the most basic reforms.

Currently, Blue Lives Matter legislation is making it’s way through state houses across the United States. These laws will criminalize small acts of resistance, such as de-arresting comrades, throwing rocks and bottles, assaulting  cops and even posting “threats” on social media, by defining them as hate crimes. Police are already a protected class so it’s clear these laws are meant to attack and marginalize the anti-police movement.

Now more than ever do we need to stand together and publicly declare our defiance to police violence and white supremacy. We need to understand that All Black Lives Matter, even those with criminal records and those who chose to fight back. This new black liberation movement has been inspired by Korryn Gaines and Syville Smith precisely because their narratives don’t fit the typically liberal mold. No longer shall we let the cops smear our comrades for acts of survival. We know who the real thugs are. The Fraternal Order of Police recently endorsed Donald Trump. Cops around the United States are being outed as Nazis. This institution is completely illegitimate and whatever laws their leash-holders pass have no binding on stolen land.

We must always positively affirm our responsibility to resist, no matter how such resistance is viewed by the state and white society. Remember, we’re not fighting for them, we’re fighting for each other.


#BlueLivesMatter Explodes in Racism Over Tyre King Shooting

Thursday, the #BlueLivesMatter hashtag erupted in rage after Twitter responded to the police shooting of 13-year-old Tyre King in Columbus, Ohio. King was shot by Columbus police after they attempted to stop him for questioning in an unrelated robbery mistaking his BB gun for a weapon. The person who reported the robbery was unharmed and had a mere $10, which their alleged assailant did not take.

While #TyreeKing [sic] trended within Black Lives Matter circles, #BlueLivesMatter attempted to hijack the hashtag claiming King’s death was justified. What followed was a string of racist tweets invoking criminal stereotypes of black people:

tyree pic 2.pngPeople kept pushing the robbery line as if this were justification for his death.

#BlueLivesMatter was saturated with constant shaming of Tyre King, outpacing more reasonable narratives.


Some glorified the teen’s death, thanking the Columbus Police department for killing him and further labeling him a criminal.

Much of the anger coming from #BlueLivesMatter lies in the assumption that the police have no other options when faced with the perceived threat of violence. As this Twitter user points out, white people with guns have often been disarmed by police without violence.

The most sinister aspect of this reaction against Tyre King was the speed in which participants in the hashtag stereotyped, criminalized and shamed this teenager. All defended, even celebrated, King’s murder for the alleged crime of trying to steal $10. Even if King was party to the crime, this does not justify his summary execution.


The blind rage generated by #BlueLivesMatter reveals a much deeper seated hatred of black life. To automatically assume a black teenager committed a crime and further push the narrative that this black teenager is a “thug” and “gangbanger,” is to declare that black teenager socially dead. They’re no longer seen as human, just animals to be herded, caged and shot. This is how the police and their supporters view black people. The comments thanking the police for cleaning up Columbus reflect the genocidal mentality these Blue Lives Matter supporters feel toward the black community.

The sheer amount of racist hate and blatant celebrations of violence against people of color expressed shows that #BlueLivesMatter is rooted in white supremacy. The organizations that aggregate content through this hashtag are just as culpable in generating that atmosphere. Police news sites that publish racist critiques of anti-police protestors or work as PR machines to whitewash cops’ violent behavior feed the white rage that defines their audience. These websites amplify reactionary voices that would otherwise be lost in the void of the Internet. Because of this, #BlueLivesMatter has become a safe space for hate, and that safety must be shattered.

Why Activists Suspect Police Involvement in Death of Darren Seals

Veteran Ferguson activist, hip-hop artist, and community member Darren Seals was found shot dead in a burning car Tuesday. Given the background of the victim and the circumstances of his death, Black Lives Matter activists have very real concerns to suspect involvement from either police or pro-police white supremacist forces.

However, the racists at Blue Lives Matter were quick to dismiss these concerns as “conspiracy theories,” suggesting the anti-police movement is causing a nonexistent surge in cop deaths:

“Darren Seals, an activist and Black Lives Matter supporter, was found shot dead inside a burning vehicle on Tuesday. The vehicle was located in St. Louis County just a few miles away from Ferguson, Missouri where Darren Seals helped spearheaded protests against “police brutality” after the justifiable shooting of Michael Brown Jr. by Officer Darren Wilson. Many of his supporters have taken to social media to attempt to put the blame of his death on police.”
“While under normal circumstances, these kind of conspiracy theories make for interesting and humorous reading, the fact remains that police officers are getting attacked and killed due to misguided nonsense like this.”

Darren Seals came to prominence during the August 2014 Ferguson Rebellion. In the aftermath, Seals co-founded Hands Up United, an organization that led early Ferguson actions in 2014. Seals grew a reputation for being abrasive and unapologetic, calling out anyone who he saw as threatening to his community. He’d often spar online with celebrity activists accusing them of making money off of anti-police activism. He even smacked DeRay McKesson at a Ferguson protest.

Seals never hid his past. He had been shot twice before, each incident described as “life changing.” He invested the rest of his life into Ferguson activism, feeling that he could help transform the city that created the violence in which he grew up.

In late July 2016, Darren Seals tweeted out that he had been pulled over by 10 police officers with guns drawn and given an ominous message:

The tweet has since been blasted across the Internet. Activists quickly noted the similarities between Seals’ death and that of DeAndre Joshua during the November 2014 Ferguson riots. Both victims were found in burning cars with gun shot wounds to the head. Justin Glawe of the Daily Beast reported that Seals is the sixth person in the St. Louis area to be murdered this way. Throughout 2014, three men were killed by gunfire and burned in vehicles. One victim, Terrell Beasley, was killed during a shootout with off-duty officer Don McGhee. McGhee shot and killed Beasley, who’s body later turned up in a burning car.

Glawe reported that when investigating Joshua’s death after the Ferguson unrest, he discovered most of the community refused to cooperate or even acknowledge that the murder took place:

“The day after Joshua’s death I went to the scene of his murder and knocked on doors. I was struck not only by the unwillingness of people to answer—this was also the day after Ferguson went up in flames after the grand jury decision—but the unwillingness to talk even to each other. No one knew the person next door. No one knew anything about the car fire that happened in the parking lot of their apartment the night before. People didn’t even want to admit to seeing police and firefighters arrive.”
“Joshua ran with a circle that included Dorian Johnson, the friend of Michael Brown who was with him the day of his fatal altercation with officer Darren Wilson. I was told by friends and family of Joshua that his proximity to Brown was causing tight lips to become even tighter. One family member even went so far as to speculate that the police had something to do with the killing.”

Activists noticed that police were behaving weirdly in the hours after they discovered Darren Seals’ body. The scene wasn’t taped off or otherwise marked. They also left a charred door at the scene instead of taking it as evidence.

While we can speculate that Seals may have been killed for his activism, nothing concrete suggests the police were involved. Yet, Blue Lives Matter shouldn’t malign this skepticism given the history of police repressing black political movements. In August 2016, Baltimore County copwatcher Korryn Gaines was killed by a police raid intended for her capture. Gaines sat with her five-year-old child wielding a shotgun in an hours long standoff before police broke the barricade. Black Lives Matter activists consider Gaines’ death to be a police assassination and many defended her right to self-defense against imminent violence.

Additionally, activists also have to feel the weight of an overbearing surveillance apparatus. Just as FBI intrusion into Occupy Wall Street is well documented, Black Lives Matter has also been heavily surveilled since the Ferguson Rebellion. Fusion centers coordinated with FBI surveillance planes that remained in the sky for months after the Baltimore Uprising. In August 2015, the Intercept revealed that the NYPD had been collecting information on Grand Central protests, photographing individual activists and key organizers. Prominent figures in the anti-police movement have been subsequently arrested and harassed by the police.

The police developed new tactics to silently repress Black Lives Matter in the shadows. Instead of mass arresting scores of protestors, the police target isolated activists when they’re cut off from their supporters. It’s not that hard for activists, especially black activists, to imagine the FBI coordinating their assassination or the police using fire to destroy evidence in attempts to silence their voices. The state has been doing it for decades.

With the Blue Lives Matter movement growing in reaction to prolonged anti-police protests, such repression will only get worse. When the authors of Blue Lives Matter paint serious inquiry as conspiracy theories, they silence dissent as insanity. By operating outside municipal authority through online anonymity, Blue Lives  Matter groups play a pivotal role in censoring discussions that concern police repression. The history speaks for itself, we just need to make sure that history is never buried by the Right.

Joseph Borelli’s Alt-Right Alliance in New York

New York City Council Member Joseph Borelli (R-51) is the only city official to publicly support Donald Trump.

Borelli was brought into office as the South Shore Assemblyman on a wave of Tea Party reaction in 2012, coveting endorsements from conservative pro-lifer Marietta Canning as well as PBA police union head Pat Lynch. Raised in Staten Island, Borelli is the son of staunch Reaganites, growing up surrounded by Republicans. He centered himself in political debates at an early age, his high school AP government teacher noting Borelli’s persuasive and charismatic personality in class and interest in the law-and-order side of the American political process. At times in the City Council, Borelli comes across as abrasive and uncensored, regularly shooting down his Democratic colleagues ideas as “stupid.”

In October 2014, he criticized the burgeoning Black Lives Matter movement for allegedly celebrating an axe attack on officers that month. Borelli claimed witnesses to the incident wished for the injured officers’ deaths:

“‘(Expletive) the pig. I hope that pig dies.’ It is absolutely INCREDIBLE that the only voice you hear from the bystanders filming is ‘___ the pig, I hope he dies.’ I don’t know what kind of world and city we live in where this would be considered normal. I can’t imagine waking up in the morning and going to work to try to protect a community where a person could possibly think this, and I do think ‪police officers deserve to hear from people like me who appreciate the work they do.”

Borelli linked the isolated axe attack to police brutality protests leading to suggest the black community of Queens bore responsibility for the assault. In the months leading up to Donald Trump’s campaign launch, this line would be repeated by pro-cop advocates in response to similar anti-police blowback across the United States.

Borelli recently endorsed a New York State Blue Lives Matter law that would make aggravated assault of a police officer a Class A felony with up to 30 years in prison. New York already has strict penalties for assaulting cops, but this new law would expand these penalties for minor acts of self-defense, de-arresting, throwing bottles, and even damaging police property. For the past two years, he aggressively campaigned against police reforms creating a climate of fear among NYPD officers through “War on Cops” rhetoric. In July 2016, Borelli opposed a compromise with the City Council that would force officers to identify themselves and ask permission before conducting searches:

“It’s concerning to see that even a compromise between all parties does not go far enough for many of my colleagues on the City Council who are willing to write off many of their own constituents’ concerns about public safety in the name of being more progressive.”

This sudden push for Blue Lives Matter laws comes in reaction to the recent unrest in Dallas and Milwaukee to discredit Black resistance and further empower the police with more draconian legal authority. Backing Borelli is a group of racist NYPD officers organized behind Blue Lives Matter NYC.

Staten Island Blue Lives Matter liaison Detective Gregory Gordon came under fire in August 2016 for racist remarks on social media that included calling Mayor de Blasio’s wife Chirlane a “former crack addict,” telling black people to get over slavery, and slamming former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton for rejecting Donald Trump’s invitation to speak to officers. A week after the posts, the press reveled that Gordon almost killed a black woman in a drunk driving hit-and-run leaving her bleeding on the side of the road.

Blue Lives Matter Manhattan South liaison Sergeant John Giangrandi is a vocal Trump supporter. On Facebook he dismisses criticism of his endorsement hashing out old patriotic tirades about reviving the economy and crushing America’s enemies.

John Giagrandi

Blue Lives Matter NYC President Joseph Imperatrice started the chapter in the months after NYPD officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos were shot dead by Ismaaiyl Brinsley in Brooklyn as a counterweight to what he saw as disgusting and abusive rhetoric coming from the Black Lives Matter movement. Imperatrice says the chapter registered as a non-profit with its main goal being to support police families who have experienced tragedy.

Borelli's gang

Yet, the rhetoric that has come from its members suggests virulent racism throughout the organization. The Brooklyn and Staten Island based motorcycle gang Hallowed Sons has shown up to Blue Lives Matter rallies and openly supports violence against police brutality protestors. In July 2015, Hallowed Sons members worked in tandem with the NYPD to disrupt a flag burning in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene Park. Even though the bikers were armed with hammers and knives, the police did not arrest them and in fact remained idle allowing the Hallowed Sons to assault and chase protestors. The Hallowed Sons actually boast membership of former NYPD officers. The fact a racist white biker gang can openly maintain such a close relationship with the police shows how deeply entangled white supremacy is with the culture of policing.

hallowed sons

The cops that lead Blue Lives Matter NYC are not poorly compensated for their work either. John Giangrandi made $131,159 this year while Gregory Gordon made $143,462. With the material benefits that come with being subsidized by a state municipality, the privileges received from the law, and safety from living in protected parts of Staten Island, it’s clear these cops are not members of the working class.

Joseph Borelli became a Trump campaign co-chair for New York City during the primaries. His role was to actively turnout voters in the congressional district for Donald Trump and promote his agenda in the media. He has made over 35 TV media appearances campaigning for Trump and started vicious arguments with his colleagues on the City Council over the election. Borelli defended Trump’s bigotry saying:

“What is inherently racist about saying the laws that currently exist in the United States should be enforced and perhaps we’re doing a bad job of enforcing them?”

As the lone Trump supporter in a metropolitan area dominated by Democrats, Borelli represents the same syncretic ideology Trump himself has created merging urban liberal classism with nativist racism.

New York City’s liberal elite have enjoyed comfortable control over the city’s politics for decades but recent unrest has frightened the city’s Democrats, with their progressive stooge Mayor de Blasio taking flak from both Left and Right. As their power slips, a vacuum will open for any type of anti-liberal force to take power. Borelli is a vehicle for the Trump campaign and the Alt-Right movement to influence the New York City Council. With the national Democratic Party already drifting sharply to the Right, firmly embracing the neoconservative ideology, it really wouldn’t take much to convince New York’s moderate Democrats to support such an Orwellian measure as the Blue Lives Matter law.

Furthermore, Borelli and his alliance with the racist Blue Lives Matter NYC chapter show the nest of reactionary politics that find shelter in Staten Island. In June 2016, Dayshen McKenzie died from an asthma attack after being chased by a gang of racists in the borough. And even as the police champion increased legal protections for themselves, the NYPD refused to investigate the death as a hate crime. Staten Island is a safe space for cops and therefore a safe space for racism. Residents of color often feel like they’re occupied by a blue gang that has invaded their community and staked out territory. Racial slurs have also become more prevalent in the borough. During the primaries, Donald Trump won 80% of the vote in Staten Island.

While Joseph Borelli is just one lone voice in the City Council, the movement he helped organize in New York City has the potential to become a serious threat to the city’s local social movements. Borelli can legally enshrine reactionary politics espoused by this eclectic alliance of bikers, white supremacists, NYPD officers, and Trump supporters. Even if his efforts are blocked, he still serves as the figurehead for the New York City reactionary movement with both media and political access to spread pro-cop propaganda. The police organizing with other racist elements of American society for increased legal authority will prove dangerous, not just to activist communities, but also New York’s most vulnerable.

We will continue to investigate Blue Lives Matter NYC’s connection to gangs and hate groups and work with the anti-Trump movement to counter their political influence. In the meantime:

Tell Joseph Borelli that you will not stand for his police state agenda:


District Office Address
2955 Veterans Road West, Suite 2E Staten Island, NY 10309

District Office Phone
(718) 984-5151

District Office Fax
(718) 948-1592

Legislative Office Address
250 Broadway, Suite 1551 New York, NY 10007

Legislative Office Phone
(212) 788-6989


Victim Blaming and Violence Shaming

Ohio Police Chief Scott Hughes penned an article for Calibre Press, aggregated through Blue Lives Matter, titled Milwaukee – Truth About Violence bashing Black Lives Matter for supporting violence against police officers and shaming black Milwaukee residents for their reaction to years of oppression.

Hughes frames the #MilwaukeeUprising as a conspiracy between protesters, the media, and politicians to encourage violence and resistance against police. He asks the question:

What does burning down a gas station and looting convenience stores have to do with an apparent justified shooting of a known felon who is armed with a gun? 

From Ferguson in 2014 to Baltimore in 2015, the question has been used to discredit the rational resistance to state oppression expressed by exploited black and brown communities. Without the riots, the City of Baltimore would not have expediated the trials of the six officers involved in Freddy Gray’s death.

A man who claims to be the brother of Milwaukee shooting victim Syville Smith told local media that black residents don’t see the city as their community. The looting and burning of banks and bourgeois symbols of gentrification are both attacks on white supremacist infrastructure as well as methods for the black community to expropriate the wealth that has been stolen from them through racist for-profit police practices.

Milwaukee is the worst place to be black in the United States. The level of segregation, exploitation, and humiliation by the Milwaukee PD and white community left black residents with no option but to rise up.

Scott Hughes continues his defamation by accusing Black Lives Matter activists for always crying foul even when evidence suggests that certain black men shot by police were armed. In an ominous statement he warns black people:

If you have a weapon and run from the police you dramatically increase your chances of forcing the officer to use force. The odds are increased even more if you turn toward the officer.

Ohio is an open-carry state meaning that even if Syville Smith’s weapon was illegal, officers should not have assumed that he was committing a crime. Smith was targeted because he was black. Furthermore, black and brown people have a right to self-defense against racist violence of all forms. Just as white Americans are allowed to own guns, black Americans also should be able to own these weapons without the racist double standard.

Hughes then goes on to invoke MLK to make a cynical observation about violence:

Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that.” True and beautiful words. But out on the street, an officer deals with not just hate. We deal with violence, and the only way to overcome violence is superior violence. It’s an ugly truth that most cops know first hand but most in the public, understandably, like to avoid. Violence comes quick and nasty.

Hughes’ statement shows the general underlying mentality of policing. Police view their interactions with communities through an Us vs Them lens. They feel that they are unfairly targeted and assaulted by communities sympathetic to gangs and criminal activity. In reality, their war to clean up the streets translates to a war to inflict violence on black bodies. Hughes’ superior violence solution to deal with imagined violence against officers ignores the power disparity between police and black communities. It doesn’t matter if a few cops are assaulted, they will always have more bodies, more equipment, more advanced firepower and surveillance technologies. Any violence that blows back at the police will never be on par with the level of violence the police inflict on black communities.

Scott Hughes offers tactical trainings for law enforcement specializing in street survival, combat tactics in traffic, and an advanced patrol course called The Warrior’s Edge. It’s clear from his professional background that Hughes represents the worst aspects of American police militarization. The willingness in which he accepts these assumptions reveals his racist police superiority complex. Hughes is further equipping police departments across the country with tactics of war based on gross mischaracterizations of entire communities.

If the police are responding to recent unrest with increased military tactics, then black and brown people should keep flexing their Second Amendment rights.