Morton County Sheriff’s Department Revealed as Blue Lives Matter Faction

After last week’s military assault on Water Protectors in Standing Rock that left over 300 people critically injured including the severe maiming of New York comrade & Hoods4Justice-associated Water Protector Sophia Wilansky, and the partial blinding of Water Protector Vanessa (Sioux Z), the Morton County Sheriff’s Department attempted to smear the Water Protectors’ characters by posting an image of a supposed improvised explosive device on their Facebook page. After getting overwhelmed by Standing Rock supporters, Morton County deleted their page and created a new one.

Blue Lives Matter Morton Thanksgiving.png
The new Facebook page featured the classic Thin Blue Line American flag, the staple symbol of Blue Lives Matter, as a profile picture. The page quickly gained over a thousand followers before it was again swarmed by comrades online. The Morton County Sheriff’s Department closed this page, but not before Standing Rock supporters were able to research it’s contents.

Morton County supporters praised officers for brutally suppressing Water Protectors during the November 21st attack. Others posted comments with explicit white nationalist and Alt-Right views. It’s clear that the Morton County Sheriff’s Department has publicly come out as a faction of Blue Lives Matter.

Blue Lives Matter is the counter-movement to Black Lives Matter, a network of Neo-nazis, white supremacists, pro-white militia gangs, and cop supporters, many of which are former and current law enforcement. When a police department endorses Blue Lives Matter this signifies that they have aligned their interests with Donald Trump and the Alt-Right. This revelation will also empower the already hostile local white community that has already been responsible for autonomous rightwing violence against Water Protectors.

Eyewitness testimony from the night of the attack said that Sophia was specifically attacked by SWAT forces, a witness hearing the cops laugh and congratulate themselves on a “beautiful shot.” The Morton County Sheriff’s Department and their mercenaries have already harmed hundreds of Water Protectors since August, displaying a complete disregard for human life.

On December 5th, 2016 the Army Corp of Engineers will close public access to Oceti Sakowin, effectively quarantining Standing Rock off from outside support.



The level of violence exhibited by the Morton County Sheriff’s Department against Water Protectors fighting for land, life, and sovereignty shows that this particular faction of the national police apparatus is committed to the all out destruction of Oceti Sakowin and the Standing Rock community. Comrades, supporters and allies all across Turtle Island must come together and defend Standing Rock from the oncoming repression this December.

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